Making homemade fresh pasta with dad

My boys love making homemade fresh pasta with dad.

My eldest boy likes to tinker in the kitchen. For him it’s all about the process and not really about the result. What he really likes is mixing, moulding, and the experience of transforming ingredients. He has helped me in the kitchen from a very young age and always been an excited and willing participant.

You could not always say that about my husband. Although he is great at making carbonara, roasts, gravy and bacon sandwiches, he definitely doesn’t love cooking as much as I do.

He does however enjoy using the pasta machine we got as a wedding present. Every now and then they will mix and mould some dough and get the pasta machine out and start tinkering and churn out some pasta. This activity is right up the little kitchen hand’s street.

Once the dough is ready and it is thin enough you can then make all manner of pasta dishes, lasagna, ravioli and of course all types of different sized spaghetti and fettuccine. Most pasta machines will come with all sorts of gadgets to help you create your own pasta masterpiece.


Fresh pasta
  • 400 g flour
  • four eggs
  1. Place flour in large bowl.
  2. Make a well in the flour and put the eggs into this well.
  3. Using a fork whisk these two ingredients together until it reaches a consistency which you can need.
  4. After needing the dough, roll it out into a flat brick and starts feeding it through the pasta machine. It needs to be rolled through the machine about 7 times, each time the rollers are set closer together, making it increasingly thinner.
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