These days I do not write much on Munch Cooking as Michelle and her team seem to have everything in hand.  Also there is so much else to work on with this little enterprise.  I have just recently finished a piece for the Taste Magazine about making meal time a fun time for kids and I realised that I missed putting ‘fingers to keyboard’ (‘pen to paper’ sounds so much better!).  Although my writing skills have never been the best.  In fact my generation was never taught the basics of grammar.  I had to learn many of my now, even still, limited grammar skills while I was at University.  Although the funny thing is, that I do like to write albeit my limitations around grammar and general sentence structure.  When I was on the corporate ladder, I always thought that when I made it to CEO I would not just hire an administrator but an editor to edit my work.  Anyhow I stepped off that ladder when we had kids and created a new Munch ladder, which is way more fun.

Looks like I have got off track a little.  But I stopped breast feeding a couple of months ago, which will be it for evermore (as three little people are enough).  When I tallied up all my years of breast feeding it totalled almost 5 years.  So hence the lovely downward droop of my breasts.  I do recall that I felt sad giving up breast feeding with number 1 and number 2 but by the time we got to number 3 I was certainly ready to call it quits.  I think it had something to do with that terrible word ‘reflux’ that number 3 had.

Well two months have past and my god have I put on weight, as my desire to eat is still with me but the output of milk has well in truly gone.  So on my list of many things to do is to start reducing my food intake.  The other is to get a decent bar fitting.

Oaty breastfeeding biscuits for busy mums

A lovely friend of mine gave me this great breast feeding biscuit recipe that I wanted to share with you all.  So here it is as she called it Lactation Boosting Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip and Linseed Cookies.  But I have renamed it the Breast feeding biscuit recipe and added a few more ingredients. When I first made this recipe I was not only attracted to it on the basis that it would give me some energy but the fact that it had linseed meal and brewer’s yeast in it.  Two ingredients that I had never used before.

For more oaty recipes why not try these banana biscuits with date and oats or these banana date oat muffins or other biscuits that sneak stuff in try these: chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas.








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