The Munch Eco Hero Feeding Set isn’t plastic – it’s made from rice husks. Which is pretty cool right? That means it’s biodegradable. I just think it’s super cute. I mean look at it. Adorable. It would make a good present right?

The bowls are great – nice and deep. And the main thing I like is that they’re machine washable. I’ve bought a few bowls that have been ruined after just a few washes. I’ve been thrashing this set and it still looks brand new.

Munch Eco Hero Feeding Set

Eco Hero Plate set

It comes with two bowls (the hat and the “head”) a mug (which is handy as it has handles – and toddlers need handles or at least mine does…) and a slip ring that the bowls can sit on. So far we haven’t used the slip ring for its proper use…

It also has a really nice spoon and fork. Eddie has been requesting the fork and spoon for all of his meals – so he must like them. He says they’re “soft” which I think in Eddie speak is “smooth”. I have been using the hat to cover the bowl to keep his food warm and it’s working a treat. Bonus. That was a random thing I didn’t know I needed until I had it.

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Reviewed by Emily Writes
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