Tomato, Munch GraphicWhat is the Munch story?

Munch a company set up by mums for mums, dads, nannies, grandparents and anyone interested in food and healthy living for munchkins.

How Munch started

After having my first baby I noticed that there were no books or sites that had a focus on kids seasonal food. The only book available at that time was one that was published in the 60′s and had very old fashion images and did not seem to be up with the times.

Our evolving Munch story

We were all first time mummies not knowing a thing about bringing up a baby.  We spent the first year sleep deprived and just getting through but loving every moment.  By 12 months our babies were beginning to let us sleep at night so we had time to reflect and think about a venture that we could work around our babies.  We all had careers in traditional fields like law and we wanted to move more into areas that we could help people.  Some of us were and are involved in Plunket and Heath Boards along with other health related areas.  So we saw a need in a number of food and healthy living areas for under 5s.

We all had a love for cooking and so our first project was our cookbook.  Our first cookbook will be published (we hope) in the next 3 months.  Below is a copy of our front cover of our first cookbook.  I just love the design.  All the designs were done by a talented local mummy.We are also in the process of setting up our website which will include a number of products we have designed for under 5s.

However in the meantime we wanted to start a blog on tips, ideas and general natter on healthy food and living for babies and under 5s.  So here we go…..

Munch Mum, Anna

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