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‘A’ for avo’s as my nephew would say and spell!  I do wonder about the English language as everyone seems to be shrinking it or bastardising it.  I suppose if you are texting avocados you would spell it  ‘avokds’. I have to admit I am a text convert.  I thought it was a waste of time but since becoming a mummy it is fantastic way to keep in touch or organise things.  It is also way cheaper than phoning on the mobile, since mobile connections in our country are ridiculously expensive.  Righto now on to the food since this blog is a about healthy food and living for under 5s…..

So how do you peel avocado?

Treat the avocado  like a mango…so how do you in fact treat a mango? Those Aussie Queenslanders out there will definitely know.   You cut it down the middle then put the knife into the stone and twist it so the stone comes out.  Then criss-cross both halves with the knife then you should be able to just peel back the skin. Dida. That is how you peel avocado.

All kids love avocados.  I know a big statement to make, but I don’t know a kid that

hates avocados (not that I know every kid in the world).  They make great snacks for all ages  The nutritional value for an average avocado is as follows; (uplifted from Wiki)

It is also a fantastic fruit to  fatten up a sick kid.  My youngest has been in hospital with roto virus and lost quite a bit of weight and avocados  have been one of the foods I have used to start fattening him up again.

Don’t forget to watch out for the release of our cookbook (although we are still working hard with our editor to finalise it) for more details on avocado recipes.

Munch is also about to release some fantastic kid T shirts which have hand painted fruit and vegetables on them. Will let you know once they are ready and put them up on the blog.

Munch Mum Anna

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