I am woman hear me moo. I reckon that is more appropriate than hear me roar!  If you can breastfeed, it is a great experience.

The list of health benefits for breastfed babies is long and varied. A mother’s milk gives natural protection from infections and diseases by providing antibodies, living cells, enzymes and hormones that protect their children from infections and diseases.

It also gives tots less chance of diarrhoea, vomiting, constipation, obesity and eczema. It helps mums lower their risk of breast or ovarian cancer. It’s cheaper than processed baby food and helps with the bonding of mother and child. But it’s not always easy. It takes time, practise and patience. And sometimes breastfeeding just does not work  and that is okay.

I am woman hear me moo!

But for all these benefits there is still stigma about breastfeeding publicly.  A good example is the Miranda Kerr picture below.

I am woman hear me Moo

Most people were touched by the intimacy of the picture, which was chosen by the celebrity couple to introduce their two-week-old son Flynn to the world.

But incredibly, the fact model Miranda, 27, is breastfeeding in the snap  incited public disdain, disgust and even outrage.

Internet message boards were littered with negative comments about the photograph, ranging from the dismissive “Put it away love, and show some decorum” to the damning “Yuck! This is gross.” Some responses to the picture were downright vicious, such as: “Women who breastfeed in public make me sick. It’s just an excuse to get their baps out. They’re a disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves.”

I simply cannot understand why anyone would object to such a picture. There is absolutely nothing offensive in it. You can’t see anything more than the baby and his lovely mum’s skin. In fact, celebrities expose more when they wear low-cut dresses on the red carpet.

If there were more pictures like this one, more women would aspire to breastfeed. And that can only be a good thing for them and their babies. Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani were also pictured with their babies at their breast, and such images definitely inspire young people.

Unfortunately women sometimes do hear negative comments about breastfeeding in public, which can leave them feeling scared to go out with their babies and render them housebound for weeks. But the more breastfeeding is done in public, the more normal it becomes.  So mummies get your boobs out!!

Breastfeeding can help lay the foundations of a healthy life and exclusive breastfeeding is recommended until babies are around six months. The best thing is you can breast feed anywhere and it provides a beautiful and positive experience for both mums and their munchkins. There is a lot of great information out there for mums about the breastfeeding positions and at some point you may be looking for advice on how to stop breastfeeding or on ways to sustain your energy while feeding then try these breastfeeding biscuits. The la leche league provides support for those who might be struggling with breastfeeding.

Munch Mum Anna

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