Reducing the white stuff in your family's diet

When I talk about reducing the white stuff in your family’s diet, I’m talking about sugar but this could go further to include white flour and white rice etc.

At Munch we don’t often say that you particular foods are bad. Instead we look at the positives of food. Health based changes can always be encompassed in our diets. You can even get an app now to help you with this… foodswitch app makes healthier eating easier. But if you want an easy place to start you can look at the amount of white stuff in your diet.

Reducing the white stuff in your diet probably sounds like a bit of a tall order I know but there are alternatives that mean you can still have your sweet fix just with more nutritional value and less chance of messing with your blood sugar levels.   Refined white sugar does zero for our bodies apart from wreak havoc. The best thing you can do for your kids is to stop them developing a taste for sugar.

Reducing white stuff in your family’s diet

Recently, I have been investigating and using some alternatives in baking.  Particularly great for muffins, cakes and biscuits is maple syrup. Here I mean the real stuff with no added sugar and preferably organic is you can.  This is easy to get at the supermarket too which makes it convenient.  Honey can be good in small amounts too.   I have also discovered two other products:  Agave Syrup and Stevia Sweetener both of which are lower in calories than both white sugar and honey.  These two need to be sourced online or from your local health food shops.  The good news is that they are very sweet tasting so you use less than normal sugar.

My recipe of the moment  (frequently requested by bubby) are these peanut biscuits.  So quick and easy for busy Mummies too.



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