What to avoid when breastfeedingHave you ever wondered why some days your baby does not want the ‘boob’ or is sick afterwards or just does not want it.  Well there are some things to avoid when breastfeeding that you may like to try out.

Firstly, don’t smoke. It is hard to believe that only 30 years ago it was quite common for mummies to be smoking while pregnant and feeding. Anyhow I suppose it takes time to see what damage is made by these products (it does make me wonder about wireless and some of those other new technologies….!)

Secondly, ideally avoid alcohol.  Although some do say beer helps with milk production and that guinness is a great source of iron for feeding mummies.  I have to say I had neither but did enjoy the occasional glass of wine with dinner. Although I made sure that I had plenty of water during the day so not to dehydrate.

Thirdly, try to cut down on coffee intake.If you are keen to carry on with your coffee intake (which for people living in cities like Melbourne, New York, Wellington who are coffee cities it maybe a little difficult, but there is nothing wrong with going out with some friends and baby and just having a hot chocolate) just make sure you have small amounts and not before a feed.

On coffee, I watched a programme on top brands the other night and one of the brands was Starbucks. It was all about the way the poor


independent was taken over by the global beast who did not distribute the monies back into the community. They talked about how they renamed many coffee drinks like mocochino babychino, essentially bastardising coffee. I suppose a bit like westerners buying buttered chicken and thinking it is an authentic Indian dish even though it does not exist in India. Anyhow must get back on track…

Other things to avoid when breastfeeding

Fourth, gassy vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce or even cauliflower, but it can be different for different people.

Fifth, make sure you check the medications you are taking with your GP or Ped.

While I was researching this little bit of work, some books said to replace cows milk with soy milk, which I reckon is bullocks. Often soya milk is highly processed and contains genetically modified organisms. Also while we are breastfeeding we are losing a lot of calcium to baby so it is very important to replace this with good ole fashion full strength milk. (This is not a sponsored add by Fontera! tehe)

How are you finding breast feeding? What do you try to avoid when breastfeeding?

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