A for Asparagus.  Yes still on the ‘A’s.  Although I must say at least the word Asparagus has not been hijacked by a big corporate like Apple.

So we have done a series on breastfeeding, with still more to come.  But I reckon, everything should be balanced so we are going to do a few blogs on bottle feeding as not everyone is able to breastfeed.  We really do not want to exclude anyone as there are so many stories from antenatal classes whereby the instructors avoid talking about bottle feeding and c sections.  Which in turn makes people feel marginalised and guilty.  Get real, sometimes things are different than the ideal, but that does not mean it should be seen as anything less.  All mothers naturally want to do the best for their babies.    Anyhow back to A for Asparagus…

Did you know that asparagus has a terrible effect on ones urine!!  The second century physician Galen described asparagus as “cleansing and healing”.  So I guess that means getting all the smelly rubbish out of ones system.  Although I must say I never noticed any of the nappies I have changed to be stinker if my babies had eaten


asparagus!  But generally babies do not like asparagus on their own.  You will have to check out some of our recipes for using asparagus in our cookbook.

Nutrition studies have shown asparagus is a low-calorie source of folate and potassium. Its stalks are high in antioxidants. As you probably know folate is critical for pregnant women, since it protects against neural tube defects in babies. Several studies indicate getting plenty of potassium may reduce the loss of calcium from the body.  Particularly green asparagus is a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body produce and maintain collagen, the major structural protein component of the body’s connective tissues.  These are just some of the great things that are contained in asparagus.  There are plenty more like it is a good source of vitamin B, zinc etc.  Basically eat your heart out with asparagus, you cannot go wrong but for the stink!

Like many goods and produce China is the world’s largest producer: in 2010 (5,906,000 tonnes). But why not grow your own as it is pretty easy and once planted they keep producing and producing.

So there you go A for Asparagus.

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