This post is to help raise awareness for Christine Mosler, Save the Children ambassador on conception for women
Over 200 million women worldwide have no access to contraception. Can you imagine not having control over your fertility?


Many women in Nairobi slums would like to access contraception in order to space out the births of their families better. For many years the discussion about family planning revolved around the issues of over population, but the real losers are the women.
Having several children within a short period of time puts a huge stress on the body of these women. They are unable to properly recover from one birth before they are pregnant again. They are at much higher risk, and the risk to their children is much higher. The maternal mortality rate in Kenya is high, due to unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions and complications thereof.
In order to help these women, we are drawing attention to the issue this week. Women in Kenya and around the world should be able to access family planning services when they wish to limit the size of their family, or space the births of their children out.

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