Kids going crazy?With three little boys to look after, some days it’s just easier just to stay home than to go out. It does make for a long day though when you have active little people who like to keep busy and enjoy variety in their play. I am always looking for inspiration as to things that we can do around the house when we are having an at home day. Ways to stop the kids going crazy, or perhaps to stop myself going crazy.

I have been reading some parenting magazines and newsletters and have come up with this list of ideas which I think are suitable for mixed age play.

How to stop the kids going crazy

  • Balloons are always a hit, blow them up and let them fly away before you tie them is an eternal favourite of small boys
  • Chasing balloons around the house or tie string to them and hang them where they can be hit or swatted
  • Bubbles, blowing them, chasing them
  • Songs and action activities
  • Make some ice cubes coloured with food dye and play with them in the bath
  • Use couch cushions and some linen or blankets to make forts and tents
  • Use couch cushions to jump on (depending on how you feel about your couch of course)
  • Listen to music, dance and sing along
  • Inside picnics and play dough are great (depending on how you feel about your carpet)
  • Hide and seek
  • Pillow fights
  • Make some paper cones and some popcorn then pretend you are at the movies
  • Get your pots and pans out of the kitchen and let them bang the lids or pretend to be chefs
  • Youtube has great snippets of cartoons, but is particularly good for music
  • Shut all the curtains and play with torches, puppet shows
  • Create an inside obstacle course
  • Get under a blanket and read books
  • If your kids are enjoy communicating, get your children to tell you a story of their own or make up a joke
  • Or help them telephone their relatives
  • Kept a big cardboard box? Why not help the kids put on a show
  • Create a treasure hunt by hiding everyday objects in unusual places
  • Bring some outside toys inside: ride-ons or scooters, balls, sand pit toys (minus the sand)
  • Give them some sellotape and some clean recycling and see what they can construct.


Happy winter, if you are wintering. I hope this list helps stop your kids going crazy when you are stuck indoors.

Mummy to three small boys


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