Breastfeeding awareness poster childrenWe are all aware now that breastfeeding can help lay the foundations of a healthy life and exclusive breastfeeding is recommended until babies are around six months. It provides a beautiful and positive experience for both mums and their munchkins, but for many it is not an easy journey.

With my first child, after the first few days and lots of support from my husband, I found breastfeeding very easy, enjoyable and pain free. When it came to breastfeeding twins, I was apprehensive about not having enough hands/milk/energy, but again things went pretty smoothly. Tandem feeding two babies was do-able, which saved a lot of time and was a pretty remarkable experience. When they got to about six months I would feed them individually during the day. I was still able to do tandem feeding at night, with the support of my husband.

Breastfeeding awareness

These are the babies of world-famous-in-New Zealand blogger, Donelle Belanger-Taylor, she posted a lovely piece on her breast feeding journey here. Any of you who know me and have met my two youngest boys will find it hard to believe that this image is not of them. I have had to reproduce it here because it bears such an uncanny resemblance to my twin boys that I feel like I am looking at my boys when I see it. This image conveys the loveliness and intimacy of tandem feeding. One of the many joys of being a parent of multiples.

I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to breastfeed to around sixteen months with all three boys. I know that for many of you breastfeeding was a quite a struggle. I have met several mums who although desperate to breastfeed their little ones have been unable to do so. Breastfeeding awareness week runs from 1-7 August. You can find out more about it world breastfeeding awareness week here. And the la leche league provides support for those who might be struggling with breastfeeding.

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Mummy to three small breast fed boys

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