farewell to baby food
The process of weaning from milk to solids is a very gradual one. Saying farewell to baby food can be something that is also gradual too, in fact it may happen so slowly that you don’t even notice it…
From around six months babies are slowly introduced to different foods and textures. We gradually increase the volume of solid food over a number of months. Eventually they move onto eating finger foods and a wider range of things. We introduce things slowly because they need to learn to chew and swallow, and because of the risks of allergies and choking and because their little tummies and palates are still in their infancy.

My little ones were all breast fed till sixteen months, and even after they were weaned from milk they continued to eat a lot of what we might call ‘baby food’ or ‘baby mush’. However, just recently, I suddenly realised I had not really made any ‘baby mush’ for some time. And rightly so really, as they are nearly two, but I nearly didn’t notice that we had said farewell to baby food.

Farewell to baby food

I had kept making baby food for them because it was easy and they liked it. Mostly, I kept making it because one of our little ones is really, really little. I wanted to make sure he always got really good amounts of protein, carbs and vegetables into him. Baby mush seemed to be the best vehicle for this becuase they ate it with gusto. For a long time the two little ones both refused to eat pasta, they didn’t like beef much and shied away from tomato based meals. They didnt even like tinned spagetti… so I kept making and feeding them baby food – with a fair amount of finger food too so they could develop the necessary chewing and swallowing functions (and  because they both love to feed themselves, thank you very much).

Making baby food is quite easy as many of you may have experienced. It can be made in bulk and frozen. My little ones really enjoyed mashy type meals based around core ingredients that were naturally sweet such as:

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