Well at first take I thought a cookbook could be published in a few months.  I thought I have written many opinions, essays, thesis which I complete within time.  Hmmm I was mistaken…two babies and another on its way and the book is finally at layout!!  My hat goes off to anyone that writes a book whether the reviewers like it or not as the journey is one that should be commended.   Or at least the time that one has put into the book.

Basically the cookbook is a seasonal cookbook for babies and families. We wanted to write a book around the seasons as it is much cheaper to eat seasonally, more nutritious and better for our carbon footprint. Most parents work these days so we wanted to create one recipe for baby and family. Who has time to prepare a different meal for each member of their family!! Also we love reading with our kids so we have included trivia about top selling kids books to discuss at mealtime so families can have fun times at mealtimes.

Check out the pages on the side of the blog which are contained in our cookbook. They are just wonderful but I must say they do look better on paper than on the web.

We will be selling our cookbook only on line at our E store www.munchcupboard.com which will be released shortly along with Amazon and Bookshake.  But it is still yet to go to the printers, so like usual, I say that it will be ready soon, but these days with little munchkins, soon is a lot longer than, what soon was before kids.  However this time I am sure it will be ready in the next 6 weeks (as I certainly do not want to be having another baby without it being finished)

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