If I write about how important breakfast is, will you all fall off your chairs with boredom? Yes, probably. It’s old news isn’t it? So I’ll start by talking about coffee. Ah, coffee. I only need to write the word and I can smell the beans. Dark, reassuring, our port in the storm. It’s no wonder we reach for it upon waking.

I love coffee. But I feel a whole lot better since I cut out caffeine at the start of the day. Not just a little better, massively better. In place of the caffeine I hit the herbal tea. Bear with me here, I know it takes a leap of faith. I have four kids and I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in seven years, I get the urge to get a brew on as soon as possible after getting vertical. It’s just that after that first fabulous rush of greatness then it didn’t make me feel very good first thing in the morning.

It’s probably a lot to do with hydration. Or maybe it’s just the smug feeling that comes with skipping out to the deck to pick a sprig of fresh mint. Surely almost akin to popping out for a morning jog (it’s all relative when you’re a mum). Perhaps it’s the idea that my first coffee of the day is still ahead of me. A little beacon of caffeine on the horizon, to carry me through the chaos of the morning.

Now, back to breakfast. In my experience then finding a breakfast that suits you is the most important thing. Looking back, I’ve eaten a lot of breakfasts that might be traditionally ‘healthy’ but they didn’t do me any favours. Grains and milk. They didn’t make me feel full or energetic or like I could rule the world (or wrangle 4 kids). Now I think I’ve got it figured out for me. I like fruit, nuts, dried apricots, live yogurt and seeds (including plenty of the magic chia seeds). It just works. But everyone’s different. You need to figure out what makes you feel good. Check out this post from Nourish-ed for some serious inspiration.

Amy Black, Munch contributor – On the monkey trail
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