Well thought I would let you know how we are going with the development of our products.  It is all go at the moment with the book almost at the printers and both the E store and website in full swing.  Nothing more motivating to get things done before you have a baby!! (sorry bloggers could not help myself on using the !!!!)

Our products are almost finished, hopefully this Friday we will receive the final products.  Check out our label below (picture not the best but have two kids with chicken pox so a little tired to get everything perfect!).  We are just loving it (that is the label not the chicken pox).

Our products range from very cute little kids aprons (made in NZ with chef quality material).  Iconic teatowels and a range of baby and kids T shirts.  Further products are being developed but tis a secret and they will not come out till next year.  The products will go up on our E store very very soon.  We are just finalising the details of the store this week.

This week we shall post up some pictures from our very homegrown photo shoot.  Just love little ones who do not follow direction.  So you can image the state of the clothing and our kitchen after the photo shoot.  So have some cute behind the scenes that we shall post up this week.

Righto off to deal with some spots

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