Toast. Hot, buttered. Drizzled with honey. Scraped with marmite. Smeared with pate. Dripping with melted cheese. What’s not to love? The problem is that sometimes (often) I think I can just run on toast for hours on end. All the hours between breakfast and dinner. The drop offs, the pick ups, the playgroups, the meetings, the chores, the swim classes, the puzzles, the park.

Sometimes I feel invincible after a couple of slices of toast, but mostly I feel like I’m running on empty (which in turn makes me reach for the chocolate slab). A big protein bomb at lunchtime is actually more of an energy boost, and so increasingly I’m trying to step away from the toaster.

This scramble is just eggs, spinach, a courgette, some leftover hot smoked salmon, turmeric, salt and pepper. There is no recipe, it’s just a couple of random green things and some salmon held together with eggs. You could make it a million different ways (maybe not a million but you get the idea). The point is, it’s easy to be a tiny bit creative with what you have to hand and make lunch a little bit more fabulous (and filling).


Amy Black, Munch contributor – On the monkey trail
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