One of our first book to be reviewed at Munch Cooking is Scrambled Eggs Super!, by Dr Seuss.

His books have reached both cult and classic status, so it’s a great place to start. Also, its about scrambled eggs… which Amy talked about earlier this week. We love eggs here at Munch.

scrambled eggs super

Scrambled Eggs Super, by Dr Seuss

Scrambled Eggs Super! is a vibrantly illustrated book with liberal use of starkly contrasting greens, blues and yellows making it fun to look at. Filled with the usual crazy illustrations of a Dr Seuss book, it follows the cooking adventures of Peter T. Hooper, who thinks he is hot stuff in the kitchen (don’t we all). His goal is to make the “super-dee-dooper-dee-booper” scrambled eggs. The catch is, he thinks using the eggs of a chicken is far to ordinary and a little bit “dumb”.

This quest leads Peter T Hooper on a marvellous caper searching out egg from all over the

globe from crazy and different egg laying birds. He uses eggs of the Stroodel, who’s sort of a stork but with fur like a poodle, and of the moth-watching Sneth, a bird who’s so big she scares people to death.

I read this book to Mr Five, and he was quite enthralled. He enjoyed the fact that Peter T Hooper was going solo in the kitchen because “mother was out”, and he loved the fantastical journey that Peter embarked upon.

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