I love eggs (and I love food) and I think for many of us, love and food are intricately connected.

Eggs make great meals from breakfast to supper. Quick and easy to prepare. Not as affordable as they once were if you go for organic and/or free range, but still not a budget blower. Eggs are a great source of protein, and most kids are happy to gobble them up in some form or other.


Scrambled or soft boiled, egg meals are often the most intimate of meals. Mummies make soft boiled eggs and soldiers for their little ones. It is a meal peppered with love. Egg meals are quite. Kids love the dippy gooey treat of a tea without broccoli and peas. Mums love the fact that they don’t have to fight about said broccoli and peas.

Egg meals are not for the first date. They are for you and your loved ones to share once you are well acquainted, and quite possibly in your pyjamas. They are often meals made on the ‘make-do’.

Some of my favourite food moments have involved things like mushroom omelette, eggy bread, and chocolate cake. None of which you can make without cracking an egg or two.

Eggs are one of the super foods too, you could introduce your babies to eggs with this great Baby food with eggs recipe is a must for your baby (assuming there are no egg allergies to contend with).

According to I love eggs NZ “They are an important source of high quality protein and may also aid weight management by helping people to feel fuller for longer. As a completely natural food, their nutrition credentials are pretty much unparalleled.”

So go on, what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

Do you have a favourite egg recipe to share with us?

Mummy to three small boys

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