Just when you think you are there with your book.  Wait for it.  There is another round of proofs.  It is a real test of patience.  I suppose too when you get this far you start to be very picky on layout and want to keep perfecting it.  It is hard to know when to stop.  Maybe going into labour might be a good way.  Although 6 weeks out from due date would not be ideal.

I reckon writing a novel would be easier than trying to create a visually appealing book as the layout process would be very simple.  (Although I am an amatuer in this field so I am sure some novelists would totally disagree)  New paragraph here. sentence move there….rather than images being balanced and sized and all things nice.

I have tried to keep the price down so our cookbook is affordable.  The beautiful ‘coffee table cookbooks’ are usually priced at around $50 NZ and more.  So to make this achievable without compromising on visual attractiveness the layout has become rather important.

I so hope the next round of proofs will be the final ones otherwise I am going to scream the house down!  It will be a lovely scream of pregnancy hormones and writers despair (if I am allowed to call myself a writer!)

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