We have done it.  Munch cupboard is live…..yahooo.

Check us out at here at the Cupboard.

So Munch cupboard is our cupboard of products that we have developed and products that we have hand picked to be part of our values.All our products relate to healthy eating and living for munchkins. It is all about the kitchen and interaction while eating, drinking, preparing or playing with food.

Our store only sells products that are environmentally friendly and enhance the health of our munchkins.  We believe in products that are made fairly ( no sweat shops).  We believe in quality fabrics and materials.  Ideally we would like to see a world without plastic , or at least plastic that is BHP free.  So many of our products are made of metal like our drink bottles and lunchboxes.  We also have some bamboo products as well.

We believe what you wear entices you to what you want.  Or in other words if your t shirt has a big fat donut on it, that is what you will want to eat.  So we have designed our Munch products with healthy fruit images, as you are what you eat so why not wear what you eat!  So we have a selection of T shirts for babies up to age 7.  One of our favourite products are our kids aprons made in New Zealand from chef quality material. We just love our little bakers hats that go with the aprons.

We have two more products in the process of development so I hope to release those in the next 6 weeks (that includes the over due Cookbook).

Happy to receive any feedback on our store from functionality to products we have chosen or suggested products to add.  We endeavour to list a new product every couple of weeks to grow our store.

Anna B

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