Chocolate, how much is too muchIf you ask someone ‘in the know’, like a doctor, or a nutritionist, in regards to chocolate how much is too much, then the chances are they’ll talk about a couple of squares of dark chocolate as an occasional treat. They’ll probably look at you expectantly as if this news will make you happy, because after all it’s not like they’re preaching complete abstinence.

Over the last few years I managed to get into the habit of eating around a kilo of creamy milk a week. Woah…a kilo! That’s four of the big slabs. There you have it. A little over the recommended amount. But that’s the reality of what can happen when a sleep deprived mum of four spends too much time in close proximity to a well stocked fridge.

Chocolate, how much is too much?

It took me a few years to face up to the fact that this level of consumption was really too much. Way too much. It seems startlingly excessive now that I am a step removed from it, and writing it down. But I guess habits just creep up on you. I have lucky genes that meant all the crazy chocolate eating didn’t show up as fat, which made it easy to stick my head in the sand as to how bad for me it actually was.

I finally realised there was a kind of futility to attempting to eat well and ‘be healthy’ whilst scoffing chocolate at every opportunity. I started to link the frequent infections that kept knocking me off my feet, to the amount of sugar my liver was being asked to process on a daily basis.

So I cut down. I decided it was time to stop the mindless grazing. Was it hard? As a mother I need to have a large reservoir of determination. Let’s just say that cutting down on chocolate was easier than giving birth.

And now? I still like to keep a large slab in the fridge, but it usually lasts a couple of weeks, instead of a couple of days. Moderation is a very fine thing. Most of the time.

Amy Black, Munch contributor – On the monkey trail

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