KidscanSometimes the problems of the world seem too big for us to tackle as an individual. Poverty is an issue the world over for a significant proportion of the population. Poverty and violence intersect, and often it is the youngest amongst us that are see the worst of these. If you want to help, where do you start?

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to help, or what to do to make a difference. It’s great to see what some can do if they have large wads of cash: Owen Glenn recently pledged $80 million to prevent child abuse in New Zealand.

I believe that change starts with individuals. What we do as individuals can make the world a better place. But what can ordinary people do? Ordinary people don’t have a spare 80 mill lying around though, in fact most of us don’t have much spare money to help others out.

I was looking at the other day, an awesome charity that seeks to help New Zealand provides support for disadvantaged kiwi kids. They aim to programmes that “help relieve the practical issues of adequate food and clothing amongst kids in lower socio economic areas”.

Via Kidscan, you can support a New Zealand child for $15 a month to provide:

    • food at school for a year


  • a waterproof raincoat



  • a pair of shoes



  • two pairs of socks



  • basic hygiene items



These essentials provide your sponsored child with the essentials they need to learn. Want to know more? Check it out their how to help page.
I can make a difference, even with just fifteen dollars!

John Campbell is also trying to make a difference with his current lunch box campaign, and fundraising support of Kidscan. Tomorrow he will be running a fundraising campaign for Kidscan. Check out this page to see what he is up to.

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