Wow… travelling with a nearly 2 year old for 28 hours is full on! It’s taken a week but we are finally recovered from jetlag. I was really glad I’d prepared a good selection of snacks and meals for Freddie to eat along the way. I thought I’d share some of the successful options with you.

For those of you facing a long haul trip I would definitely recommend researching what airlines offer in the first place, something I didn’t do, as there is great variety. Having said that the meals we were given weren’t overly appealing and Freddie ended up eating the adult meals –they seemed to have lots of extras, you just have to ask. The bread rolls, cheese, fruit salads and yoghurts were enjoyed though and both airlines where happy to provide extra of these which was great.

I packed quite a lot of food that Freddie only has as ‘occasional’ foods as I wasn’t too worried about what he ate during the 28 hours just that he wasn’t hungry on the flight. When deciding what to take I figured that aeroplane food needed to be:

  • clean
  • easy to eat
  • robust enough to survive in a backpack – nothing worse than a squashed banana at the bottom of your bag!
  • guaranteed to be liked and eaten

I worked the day we left and there was no time for home-baking so apart from sandwiches that I made I just took ready-made snacks.

I packed, in a snaplock bag, mini sandwiches – crusts cut off and finger-food sized so they could be eaten at different times during the journey. Fruit and yoghurt pouches which were a real hit! I chose the

Heinz simply range which although not organic are free from sugar, colours, preservatives, flavours, salt and artificial colours. Teddies biscuits went down well and took a while to eat which was a bonus, filling a few extra minutes on the journey. Freddie also enjoyed Only Organic mini rice cakes.

For those of you embarking on long-haul flights, “good luck!”. It really wasn’t all that bad and the airline staff were amazing at helping keep us happy and comfortable, especially when I was flying solo with Freddie.

Munch Mummy, Kate Day



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