The book Hippo Has a Hat is written by Julia Donaldson, a prolific children’s author. Her best known work is of course The Gruffalo but she has written over 150 books for kids, of which 56 are widely available in bookshops. You can read our review of it here: Gruffalo Book Review.

Julia Donaldson is a famous children’s author most of you will be familiar with. Before embarking on her writing career, she studied Drama and French at Bristol University and spent time travelling and busking. From there she moved onto writing for children’s television shows.

Hippo Has a Hat

In Hippo Has a Hat there is chaos in a clothes shop as various animals try on different clothing. Zebra’s zip is stuck and Toad’s tracksuit is far too big, but Flamingo finds a stylish bag, and Caterpillar’s shoes are really cool. I felt quite at home reading about such everyday problems.

Illustrated by Nick Sharratt, Hippo Has a Hat book is a riot of pink and other bright colours. It is colourful and engaging with short rhyming text, making it a great offering for your very little ones.

Hippo has a hat

This book is available from Bookshake. You can also buy other books from the Munch E Store: Or you might even win a copy of this in a Munch Monday Madness competition sometime soon.

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