A big part of why we are growing Munch is to try and make a difference.  The size is not important to us (although a big difference would be great) but that it is meaningful to us and hopefully our followers.  Also we are not keen to be a tacky ‘do gooder’ that really does not believe in what they are doing or takes you down tracks that are full of cliches.  We want to stay at grassroots level as all of us are currently in a period of our lives whereby our kids are little and nutrition/well being is important.
As I have already mentioned before, we have our social media sites, our e store, our products, our cookbook (yes still coming!) and our full scale website (to be released mid next year)….and now……..
The great news is that we are going to be supporting a group of NGOs who are involved in advocating for children’s well being.  We will be closely working with them to drum up support on some really key children’s well being issues.
We will be telling you more about this existing advocacy aspect of our homegrown venture next week.  So stay posted.
It maybe from the mummy of three little boys as my baby is due to greet us very soon.
Munch mum Anna


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