Would you prefer, sex or chocolate? This is a rhetorical question really, but one already answered by a keen fan of Whittaker’s new White Raspberry chocolate. As I was perusing the fan page on facebook for Whittaker’s I noticed that one women described it as “my God better than sex by miles”. She went onto say that she “just cant get enough”. I think she was still referring to White Raspberry.

Breast cancer awareness month has started, and Whittaker’s and a group of Wellington high school students have come up with a great idea to help the cause: pink chocolate. Well the chocolate itself is not exactly pink, but White Raspberry carries the sentiment. I love the packaging, the pinky type and border set against the Whittaker’s gold packaging is very enticing. Twenty cents from every block purchased will be donated to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable trust and it plays a significant role in ensuring breast cancer is highly profiled. They also provide all the basic information women over twenty should be doing to keep on top of changes in their breasts. Most women of a certain age will be aware of the importance of self checking their own breasts. The Foundation encourages women to know their breasts, and to become aware of how their breasts look and feel. If you “know what is normal for you” then you will be aware of changes when you check your breasts. Sorry to get personal ladies, but it is an important issue.

A couple of the Munch Mummies have had the great pleasure of sampling some White Raspberry this week. Now I am a sucker for most chocolates myself so I was very happy to try it. (Of course). It’s a white chocolate, with 28 % cocoa solids dotted with little jewels of freeze dried raspberry pieces. I really quite liked it. In fact I am feeling the urge to indulge in some now. It was really scrummy. Look out for Munch Monday Madness tomorrow. There might be some being given away!
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