Don’t worry I haven’t been reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’…..this is not that kind of post. When I say adults only, what I mean is cooking stuff you know the kids would probably turn their noses up at, or that you don’t want them to eat, that you have absolutely no plan to attempt to interest them in, and in fact that you’ll probably consume without the pleasure of their company.

Anyone who reads this website is probably primarily concerned with creating nutritious family food. Meals that the kids will enjoy, that will spark a love of food that will set them up with healthy habits for life. Right? So the idea of adults only food might seem contradictory to that. The reason I’m suggesting it is that occasionally cooking without consideration for the kids can feel like a holiday in itself. I’m talking hot chili, heavy on the spice, sloshing in the wine ….and then there’s pudding with all it’s rich possibilities.


There is a relentlessness about preparing food to the youngest member of the family’s  palate, that if you’re not careful can kill all creativity and enthusiasm. So give yourself a break from it every now and then. Give the kiddos a boiled egg and an early night, put some music on (quietly so you don’t have any small gatecrashers in the kitchen) pour yourself a large wine and cook something family un-friendly. It might make you remember everything you love about food and cooking and why you are so passionate about igniting that love in your kids. Or it might just feed your craving for super hot chili.

Amy Black, Munch contributor – On the monkey trail
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