As well as being the foot soldier of almost every childhood meal for me, potatoes were always the unsung hero of my childhood Christmas feasts. Freshly dug from my grandfather’s garden and boiled with mint. Nothing quite like them, with a little butter and salt. In this post we consider the health benefits of potatoes.

Recently I think that potatoes have suffered a bad rap. It is often the potatoes naughty friends that bring it down: butter, salt, oil, and gluttony. But in moderation, and prepared in a not so naughty way, potatoes are awesome to have in our diet. I think potatoes are a better option than pasta and rice (unless they have been subject to a being mashed).

The health benefits of potatoes


The health benefits of potatoes

Potatoes are packed with nutrients, but what are the health benefits of potatoes? One medium potato gives you:

  • About 50% of your daily vitamin C requirements
  • A large dose of your B vitamins
  • Over 700 mg of potassium – that is over 20% of your daily recommended dose
  • Over 5% of your daily iron requirements
  • Almost 10% of your daily magnesium requirements
  • Around 10% of your daily dose of fibre

Potatoes are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and of folate, so are great for pregnant woman. Ahh, the craving for hot chips is now explained!

Much of the nutrients of potatoes are in the skin, so, if you can, choose small potatoes (greater skin to inner ration) and cook them whole with their skins on. Baking and microwaving help retain the most nutrients in the cooked potato because you are not loosing nutrients in the cooking water.

Want to enjoy some potato recipes, why not check out salmon fishcakes or starting-solids-three-easy-purees, or for something a bit different but really really simple, try these roast potatoes with paprika and lemon salt.


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