Double chocolate and raisin biscuits When Anna and I attended the New Zealand Food Bloggers Conference in August 2012, we were delighted to meet a group of fabulous, talented and wonderful people who love food enough to blog about it regularly. It was an awesome experience, and I felt really lucky to have been able to attend. In this post we talk about the NZ Food bloggers association and offer our double chocolate and raisin biscuits for the Sweet NZ blogging challenge.

New Zealand Food Bloggers membership is open to all new Zealand Food Bloggers, food writers and food stylists.

The NZ Food Bloggers Association was founded in March 2011. It  was created by Allison Pirrie-Mawer of Peasepudding and Gourmet Gannet. Membership is open to all new Zealand Food Bloggers, food writers and food stylists.

There are some amazing foodie blogs out there – almost too many to follow.

One thing that did catch my eye at the conference was the Sweet New Zealand Monthly Blogging Event – which was created by Alessandra Zecchini. This provides a great opportunity to try and keep up with some of the awesome food writing and blogging in New Zealand.

This is my entry to the monthly Sweet New Zealand baking event: double chocolate and raisin biscuits. I started making afghans, and as often happens, I went in another direction. I ended up with these wonderfully moist chewy biscuits. The great thing is that they don’t need icing. Great for whipping up quickly and easily. They look good too.

Mummy to three small double chocolate and raising biscuit eating boys



Mummy to three small boys


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