Well we are excited at Munch this week.

We have our very own MUNCH T-SHIRT to give away! Check them out at the link below and email us on competitions@munchcupboard.com letting us know which one you would choose to be in to win!

Luca BEST pic_cropped & montaged_opt

The prize will be drawn on Saturday. If you are not the lucky winner you can still get one of the wonderful t-shirt at www.munchcupboard.com .

These tops are awesome, if I do say so myself. They are designed in New Zealand.

All are able to be machined washed, which is important to our little munchkins when it comes to eating time.

Part of Munch’s philosophy is to do our bit to help prevent the growing childhood obesity rates worldwide. So what better than have our munchkins wear fruit and veges. Wear healthiness be healthy. New research suggests that clothing can have an effect on our behavior if that clothing has a symbolic meaning and if we have the physical experience of wearing the clothes. – MIT Sloan Management Review So let us influence our children in a positive healthy way by having them wear wholesome food like fruit and vegetables.

Munch Mummy Anna
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