I think that bedtime is one of my most favourite times of day. I love snuggling up with a book in bed. The kids love it too. They are usually clean and smell nice and what better than to be reading them a great kids book like Mother Gooses Bedtime Rhymes

I can really relate to the experiences of Mother Goose in Mother Gooses Bedtime Rhymes. For her, bedtime is never an easy time of day for her with three playful little goslings to look after! We are finally at the point where we can easily read to all three of our goslings at once… which is lovely. Soon Mr “I’m five and a half” should be able to read to Mr messies one and two. I really can’t wait. It will be a really wonderful bonding experience for my three goslings, and super cute to watch.

Mother Gooses Bedtime Rhymes

Mother Goose discovered that her family loved listening to nursery rhymes, and now their favourite bedtime rhymes are collected together for you to enjoy too.

Mother Gooses Bedtime Rhymes is great addition to any family bookshelf. With a mixture of traditional nursery rhymes and songs, some original short stories, and illustrations Axel Sheffler, a well known modern children’s book illustrator. The original stories are by Alison Green.

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