Munch is the home of kitchen solutions, inspiration and ideas. This is where it all began with the Munch – Seasonal cookbook for baby and family.

This fabulous cookbook went onto win an International Gourmand Award which is pretty freaken awesome for a self-published Mum of three. From there Anna went on to found the Munch an eco friendly social enterprise company that makes and markets products and offers ideas and recipes to feed the family.

Munch Seasonal Cookbook for Baby and Family overview

The Munch Seasonal Cookbook for Baby and Family is a book with family and food at the heart of it. It offers a range of family friendly meals, recipes and ideas and peppers it with references to great children’s cookbooks.

The key idea of this book is to offer recipes suitable for both babies and their families. The recipes are ordered seasonally with a mixture of baby purees, family dinners, desserts and lunches.

Munch seasonal cookbookIt also offers lots of great information about feeding babies generally. From food allergies and key foods for babies, introducing food to babies and tips to deal with eaters, fussy eaters.

Here is a sneak preview of one of the recipes from this book. This is a great baked potato recipe. Potatoes are great storecupboard ingredient as they are available throughout the year. This recipe would make a really great simple, but yummy, lunch suitable for the whole family or a great accompanient to a meaty dinner.

Read more here: Melissa Jack Reviews Munch Seasonal Cookbook for Baby and Family.

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Mummy to three small boys


"Hot potato, Hot Potatoes"
  • 4 large white potatoes
  • ½ avocado
  • 2 cups natural yogurt
  • 3 tsp fresh chives, chopped
  • 1 cup grated cheese
  • 4 rashers of bacon cooked and chopped(optional)
  • salt for seasoning
  1. Prick the 4 potatoes with a fork and coat with oil and salt, and then bake them in their skins for 1-1.5 hours at 180 C
  2. Mix the avocado with yogurt.
  3. Cut off the top quarter of each potato.
  4. Scoop out the bottoms of the potato flesh, and add to the avocado and yogurt mix. Add the bacon, if using it.
  5. Then replace the mixture into the bottoms and sprinkle with cheese and chives.
  6. You could chuck these under the grill for a few minutes to finish off, or eat them as they are.
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