CompostI have a confession to make about my composting. Some time ago I shared a post on the lovely childrens’ book Compost Stew, which teaches kids about composting in a fun way and offers some weird and wonderful ideas about things you can compost! (See Strange things you can posted for some ideas, but beware.)

This book set of some experimentation in our house – Mr Five created some oozing goey potions which he put in the compost. I became a little bit zealous on the composting front myself.

But things went a bit too far – we created an environmental hazard. Somehow I had created a haven and nesting ground for flies. A mega-fly-sesspit. They kept on coming. Short term corrective actions could not set the compost to rights, or get rid of the flies.

We were plagued with flies. In our house. In the height of summer. Thousands of them. Swarming together in various corners of our house. Everywhere. It was really embarrassing. Frustrating, stressful and depressing. We couldn’t have friends over.

The neighbours were infested too. I felt guilty. We had to use really toxic nasty stuff to rid ourselves of the flies.

I knew the compost bin was the source of this plague because every time I took the lid off millions more would swarm out. They seemed to be constantly popping out of their maggoty larvae.

So although I do believe in and enjoy composting, I have learnt to be more respectful of the science behind it. To pay more attention to the process, and try and make sure that we provide the right conditions for proper composting.

Mummy to three small boys and a naughty compost bin
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