Given that the world did not end as predicted by some, I thought it could now be worthwhile offering a brief retrospective of Munch’s first year.

Anna created Munch Cooking at the beginning of 2012 with postings that focused on Mums, health issues and explaining what Munch is. In her words:

“Munch is a company set up by mummies for mummies, daddies, nannies, grandparents and anyone interested in food and healthy living for munchkins.”

It was a busy and exciting first year, with Munch offering posts on a wide range of things relating to healthy living for kids and their families. The Munch team grew throughout 2012 and some really great Mums came on-board, contributing beaut pieces on things dear to their hearts. (Thank you everyone!)

Who wrote for Munch?

Kate Day, with her adorable two year old Freddie, took us through Freddie’s food journey. She offered us healthy kids meals and food for thought with post such as Fussy Foodies.

I don’t know how she does it but Amy Black (mother of four!) offered us a series focused particularly on Mums and their health, and inspiration, with post like Reclaiming the shopping trolley.

Janet Miller recently joined the Munch team offering her thoughts on ways to get active with your family… primarily through cycling trips like her family-holiday-on-hauraki-rail-trail.

I have often had a good giggle looking through the back-end of this site to see what people are interested in. This inspired me to write my post, Mummies with Tummies.

Sometimes our readers have searched the site for very weird things. The most popular searches have related to Miranda Kerr and “celebrity breastfeeding” (and the things that make the milk). Go figure?

After noticing that people had often searched for particular recipes I created a new page Munch recipes, which can be found at the top of the front page. It provides an easy way for readers to locate a particular recipe… should they want to.

Munch ended the year with the great achievement; the publication of Anna’s first book – Munch – seasonal cookbook for baby and families. It is available from  now and if you want to get a sneak preview check out this little overview here.

We hope you have all had a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013. Happy New Year… hope you all get the opportunity to play and relax a little over this holiday period. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year, and look out for more Munch in 2013.

Mummy to three small boys
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