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Frugal Kiwi Mum followers are often surprised when they see the cost of my weekly groceries and I must admit that, compared to the price of my food bill 3 years ago, I do pretty well! I try and keep my weekly bill under $120 (including nappies, formula and often a box of beer for my Poker playing Husband) and 8/10 I am well under this target.

My Frugal Kiwi Mum family consists of 4: Myself and my meat-hungry Husband, 2 year old Jack and Harry who just turned 1. Before children, cost wasn’t really an issue: if I wanted something, I bought it. But times have changed and nothing has become any cheaper. Whilst I still crave healthy yet convenient food, my budget has had to decrease drastically and so I started a whole new approach to grocery shopping.

Being a Frugal Kiwi Mum

Before writing a shopping list as a Frugal Kiwi Mum, I go through the cupboards, fridge and freezer to see what ingredients I already have. If I can make a meal from what’s already in my kitchen, GREAT!  That’s one less meal I have to fork out for.  I only buy the items that are required to complete my meal plan and I try really hard to stick to my shopping list.

Hubby and I would love to eat Fajitas, steak and roast chicken every night but these types of meals are now few and far between. Instead, frugal meals such as Scotch eggs, Bolognaise (Made with cheaper mince that has been boiled to remove excess fat) Potato wedges with vegetable salsa and good home made chicken and vegetable bakes feature heavily each week.

Try new things!

For many years, I would have refused to eat Chicken sausages! I was a firm believer that sausages should be make of pork or beef only! However, thinking logically, chicken sausages are odd shaped chicken nuggets (Which never really featured highly in our diet!) with a much higher meat content. One particular brand of chicken nuggets sold in Pak’N’save has just 37% chicken where as the Chicken sausages I buy are 65% chicken with 9% bread crumbs. Still not the healthiest meal but fine for the odd ill-prepared dinner time and a $9.95 pack will last us for 3 meals!

Another good thing to try is Semolina. A packet from Countdown is around $2 and lasts our family about 2 months as a substitute for porridge and Farex. Quick and easy to make, Semolina tastes great with a spoonful of Honey stirred through!

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