Some time ago I read a post by the Kitchenmaid on her prolific use of “undersized” kitchen tools. At the time I thought about some of the many little implements I have in my kitchen drawers. I have at least two apple corers. This is my favourite one…

I use it mostly for prepping fruit for crumbles and stewing. But sometimes I use it to make an afterschool snack known as “apple doughnuts”.


Now if you raised your eyebrows at our afterschool snack, don’t fret. These are not the doughy, gooey, deep fried, sugary type of doughnut. Instead we make a full-fruit kind. Simply core an apple then slice it into rounds.


This is the end result. You can probably see why the name “apple doughnuts” has stuck in our household. They make a great and fun after school snack. Mr Five still gets excited whenever I tell him we are making or having “apple doughnuts” for afternoon tea. He loves little implements, the process of making things, and being involved in the kitchen.
Mummy to three small doughnut loving boys

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