I love chocolate. It is one of my favourite things. I have wanted to write a post about chocolate for quite some time, but given this blog is meant to be about healthy-ish stuff – I have shied away from it. Well sort of – as long as you don’t count thisthis and this of Amy’s.

With Easter at our doorstep I figured now is finally the right time to dive on in and blatantly discuss chocolate. I know that Easter is about more than just consumption of chocolate. However, it is a large component of the experience for many.

Chocolate makes you feel good. I believe that things that make you feel good are good for you. Good for the soul. And as busy, busy parents you deserve good things and things that are good for you. Like chocolate. Enjoy it. Savour the taste. Don’t feel bad about it. And don’t worry about how much chocolate your kids get from that rascally rabbit who comes to visit tonight.
The good news is that the consumption of chocolate could actually provide you with some health benefits. Hurrah! This is dark chocolate we are talking about though and the bad bits of chocolate (sugar and fat), well they are still not so great. But hey ho. Eat it anyway.

People often mention the fact that dark chocolate is potentially an anti-oxidant. It also contains a number of vitamins and minerals that can support your health. Of note, dark chocolate contains:


The copper and potassium in dark chocolate can help prevent stroke and cardiovascular ailments. The magnesium in chocolate helps prevent type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Yay.

I am off to eat a chocolate mousse, made with whittaker’s dark chocolate and lots of cream because I deserve a treat. Accompanied by an instant de-caf coffee, because that is how we roll, these days.

Mummy to three small boys who are soon to be very very over excited and silly
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