The Munch team has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to review things of our choosing from NZ Penny Scallan Design items. In this post I review some of their products which you can use at meal times.

Make meal times fun with these gorgeous products like these:


How cute are these? Make the dining experience less messy and much more fun with these adorable placemats. These are made from silicone for easy cleaning. They have rounded corners and smoothed edges to make them super safe. I really like the idea of placemats for the little ones. And what better than being able to simply wipe them clean.

Penny Scallan Juicy Apple Table Placemat


Bamboo dining set

These sets include a plate, cup and bowl all big enough for kids of all ages. They are made from bamboo and offer a kid-safe alternative to plastic. These are heat and stain resistant and are dishwasher safe. The set includes a bowl, cup and plate.

I don’t like to use plastic plates or bowls for hot food, and at our house we get a lot of banging cutlery on plates and two-year-olds

insisting that they should carry their bowls to and from the table. So I love these bamboo sets because they are kid friendly and practical. They look good too. I definitely want more of these.

These are available at the Cupboard in a variety of styles.

Penny Scallan Juicy Apple Bamboo Dining Set



If your kids still make a big mess when they eat than these gorgeous bibs are just the ticket. This bib has a wipe clean front, which is brilliant and fastens with velcro so are easy to get on and off. I love the look and feel.

Penny Scallan Juicy Apple Bib
A bit about the company: Penny Scallan was established in Australia over ten years ago and taken over by Carrie Felton from Stuck on You. A big thank you to the company for allowing us the opportunity to review their products!

Disclosure: The products were sent to us free to do this review. All opinions are my own.

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