The Munch team has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to review things of our choosing from NZ Penny Scallan Design items. We chose to road test lunchboxes and aprons. Anna and I already owned the school bags, so we can tell you about those too.

School bags

I was already a fan of their products. In fact two of my kids already have their school bags. I liked them not just for their durability but also for their design. I am a magpie when it comes to fabrics and particularly like bright colours and patterns. If that is what you are into you will also like their range.

Although these bags are far to big for them at 2.5 years old, they adore them and are very proud of them. I made the investment now because I think these bags are built to last and should last them well into the school years. They are made with thick, washable, sturdy fabric: durable, as well as being adorable.


Lunch boxes

These are awesome. I really like the thermal lining and, like the bags, these are very well constructed. They feature a large grip zipper. Because of its construction, this lunchbox is able to take the drops and squashing that inevitably goes with being owned and operated by a small child. The materials as washable and durable.

Penny Scallan Star Insulated Lunchbox


Who doesn’t love kids aprons, and I think that Penny Scallan’s are particularly adorable. These aprons feature water repellent front coating with a large pocket. They are made from 100% cotton backing for comfort, cotton neck loop and adjustable side ties. These should fit children from 2 to 6. These are BPA Free PVC Coated.

Penny Scallan Chirpy Bird Apron

A bit about the company: Penny Scallan was established in Australia over ten years ago and taken over by Carrie Felton from Stuck on You.A big thank you to the company for allowing us the opportunity to review their products!

Disclosure: The products were sent to us free to do this review. All opinions are my own.

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