The other night my 5 year old came home and said Susan’s mum makes sushi why cant you?  Well then I said lets do it. (How could I let a little person make me feel inadequate)

Even better he was able to make his own dinner.  Pull over the chair and the wine and let the kids make their own dinner….I wish… wasn’t quite that easy.

Anyhow, I set the bench up for my 5 year old and my 3 year old before they even entered the kitchen otherwise little fingers would want to finger everything before we started.  So they each had the following

  • a cutting board
  • rolling mat
  • cut up avocado
  • cut up cooked chicken (precooked in oyster sauce and soya sauce)
  • ginger
  • pre cooked rice (with sushi powder mixed through)
  • seaweed sheet

So off we went,  although a little hard for Mr three, in fact he spent most of his time just eating the rice.  But as for Mr 5 he loved it, although he did require a little help with the rolling and of course the cutting.
Healthy food made fun.  Will be definitely doing this again with my little boys. Although will have to time the sleeps right with my 5 month year old as not sure how I could manage sushi supervising while holding a baby.

Anyway hope you give it a try as well.   Have to admit this pic was from Google images not from our master pieces.  This is what we hoped they would look like! Always a little different when you have kids making food.

PS Been sourcing some Bento boxes, so keep an eye out for them over at the Cupboard  If you know of any great brands let me know.


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