A good reason to try this instant banana pineapple ice cream is because, apparently, bananas can make you smarter. They can allegedly help with learning by making you more alert – so eat one before an exam or assignment and the extra levels of potassium will help you out.

My husband actually can not eat bananas. Maybe that is why he can never remember where he put his glasses? His distaste for the banana seems to have rubbed of on Mr Six. Mr Six now will not eat bananas. He says he ‘hates’ them. I used to worry it was because I had given him too many when he was little.

Bananas are a staple first baby food for many families. The are portable, and very very versatile. I used a lot when my boys were first starting solids. I mashed them up with other foods like avocado, pureed vegetable or mixed them into yoghurt. They are still a great lunch box snack for my two littlest.

Mr Six will stop ‘hating’ bananas long enough to eat banana cake. He loves making smoothies with bananas in them… he recently ate almost all of the banana ice cream made from the recipe below. This instant banana pineapple ice cream recipe is simple to make and and yummy (if you ‘like’ bananas).

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How to make instant banana pineapple ice cream

Banana pineapple ice cream graphci

This really is an instant dessert and dead simple. It doesn’t look very pretty I must admit but it was hoovered up by the kids including the one who ‘hates’ bananas. I just had to mention the word ice cream….

Hope you enjoy our Banana pineapple ice cream.


Mummy to three small boys


Banana pineapple ice cream
  • 2 x frozen bananas
  • 1 x tin of pineapple (450g)
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  1. Put the 2 frozen (peeled) bananas and pineapple and honey into a food processor.
  2. Blitz it on high speed until smooth.
  3. You could put it back in the freezer now to harden up or serve it immediately as a soft ice cream dessert, which is what happened at our house.
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