In this post we share Peveline’s top tips for Cake decorating made simple.


I found this method on YouTube and have used it a few times.  It’s a great way to decorate a child’s cake with a well-known “character”.  It ensures that the character is all to scale and therefore is easily recognisable and it’s fairly quick and easy.

Cake decorating made simple

Step one:
Bake a cake and cover in ready-roll fondant icing (bought from supermarkets in a block).

Cake decorating made simple

Step two:
Google search “line drawing of …..” and print out a picture of an appropriate size.  Or trace an image from a book (in this case I was doing The Gruffalo).  You don’t need tracing paper, a piece of baking paper will do.


Step three:
Secure the picture on top of the icing (a few cleaned dressmaking pins carefully positioned will work) and run a blunt knife or similar blunt tool around all the lines in the image to indent the icing with the outline of the picture.  Remove the picture and start piping icing within these boundaries.  I found it useful to keep the picture alongside and a list of what areas need to be done in each colour to ensure you do all areas before emptying your icing bag.

Step four:
Once all the “fill” colours are done, pipe black edges around the outside and to highlight any detail within the character.  And for those eagle-eyed of you (and fans of the Gruffalo) make sure you double check the exact wording of any quotes you ice on.


Using this method I also did my niece’s 4thbirthday cake.

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Peveline O’Keeffe, Guest Munch blogger

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