Often when I look at my kids’ lunch boxes I see a sea of beige coloured carbohydrates: crackers, sandwiches, pretzels and things like that. These seem to be my go-to staples and I often wish I could create better lunch boxes but feel lacking in inspiration. It is not essential to have the perfect kids lunch box every day, the list below helps to give some handy tips to how to approach filling the lunch box in a balanced way.

I know many other parents struggle with thinking up what to put in their kids lunch boxes, and at Munch, we have previously posted on lunch boxes a fair bit. See Munch lunches.

I have been reading some healthy lunch box books in search of inspiration and found this simple checklist, which helped me think about filling the lunch box in a different way:


1 serving of fresh fruit or dried fruit.


1 serving of vegetable or salad, for example carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers.


1 item from this group, such as cheese, milk, or yoghurt.
Try another calcium rich food like tofu, tinned fish, or nuts.


1 or more servings of foods from the bread, potato or other cereal groups.


A drink is essential. This should ideally be at least 200-300 mls and preferably water.

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