The award winning Munch seasonal cookbook for baby and family is on TV! Our first cookbook, and we have another in the pipe line. And even more excitingly, we are going to be on Good Morning tomorrow morning – Wednesday, 9:30 am. Is that world famous in New Zealand, or what?


unch Seasonal cookbook for baby and family

September 2013 Good Morning TV


The Munch – Seasonal cookbook for baby and family cookbook is written especially for parents and their children featuring fun stories and easy seasonal recipes for all to enjoy.  Time is too precious to make a separate meal for baby and then another for the whole family so the recipes have been designed for the whole family. Organised by the seasons, the collection includes suggestions for how to feed infants and information on useful equipment and allergies. Meal time should be fun and enjoyable by all.  Munch has found top selling preschool books, movies and songs and included great facts on them throughout the book to help make eating time more fun.

The Foreword was provided by the lovely Wendyl Nissen, and if you want to have a sneak preview of some of the recipes then check out these postings: Aubergine for Mama,Yummy Munch cookbook recipe preview and Munch – seasonal cookbook for baby and family.

Reviews of the Munch Seasonal cookbook for baby and family

To date the book has had some great reviews, which we are very pleased to receive. Some of these include:
Not only did this cookbook give me some great meal ideas that appeal to my little Munchkin, it inspired me to extend our book collection & spend more time reading & snuggling with my toddler. Simple, healthy ingredients. Straight forward, easy recipes.”
Nicola Radford
“A very practical cookbook with easy meals. Love how it is set out in seasons and the funny little tip bits about fantastic kids books. Really original. When is the next one!'” Alex Milne
“What a fantastic book. Easy fun and practical. Would recommend to anyone with a young family”. Amanda Burns

“We LOVE the Munch cookbook and have been having a good read through the recipes and deciding which ones we’re going to try out soon. Love the names of the dishes… with the story /character themes! Fantastic! I would recommend this book to anyone with children in the family.” Juanita Bassett.

Artwork of the Seasonal cookbook for baby and family

I think that the graphics in the book are simply awesome and require a special mention. They are really, really beautiful. We give you a sneak preview below.

Mummy to three small boys

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