Chicken and rice

Today we have a little bit of Freddie’s Friday history for you. It’s a tour of some our favourite Freddie’s Friday posts from Kate Day:

A quick dinner fix, chicken rice and peas

I’m sure lots of you are working mums or dads and sometimes get to the end of the day feeling frazzled, chasing your tail and haven’t had a chance to think about what’s for tea! Well I know how you feel… life in our house has been pretty frantic since I started back to work and launched Tiny Adventures. Getting to 5pm and thinking ‘Oh crikey what’s for tea?’ seems to be happening more frequently.  So I thought that in my next few posts I’d share a few tasty meals I have up my sleeve that take no more than 15 minutes to prepare, mainly use common pantry items and more importantly Freddie loves them.

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A breakfast makeover – banana bread
Breakfast had always been an easy meal with Freddie. He’d gobble down his cereal without our help and I never had to worry about whether he had eaten enough to keep him going. Over the last few weeks this has changed and Freddie has needed lots encouragement so I thought it was time to try and make breakfast more varied and exciting but still an easy meal. Read more here
Thoughts on dealing with fussy foodies

There have been quite a few times in the past 18 months when Freddie has gone on hunger strike. He’ll pick at everything I offer him and then push  his plate away or sweep it all on the floor. I’m sure this a familiar sounding story to many of your mums and dads out there. You have to draw on every ounce of patience and take several deep breaths while encouraging and coercing him to have a ‘taste’. During these phases I find it doesn’t seem to matter what I offered him, even his favourites were rejected (sweetcorn fritters, custard, quesadillas, bananas and yoghurt) and a week will go by and it feels like all he’s eaten is marmite on toast and scrambled eggs!

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All brought to you from the ever lovely Kate Day, Munch contributing blogger…

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