Diabetes awareness week

Diabetes Awareness Week 2013 is on at the moment, running from 12-18 November. During awareness week the aim is to raise awareness about diabetes and share information about simple ways to stay healthy.

Although type 2 diabetes has a genetic component, it is primarily diet related.

Maintaining a healthy body weight, reducing abdominal fat and exercising regularly are all ways we can battle this disease. Sugar intake is only one of the issues. Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet including lots of fresh vegetables and the right amount of carbohydrates and protein is critical.

Tackling sugar for diabetes awareness week

I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with our twins. Consequently, I am at a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes later in life, so awareness of diabetes and how to avoid it is important to me.

The foods I survived on while diabetic included: ryvita (very low carb count), loads of protein, particularly salmon, baby tomatoes (low carb but sweet), olives, and vegetables. Foods to avoid


because of their high in carbohydrate count include: bananas, bread rolls, juices, processed foods, white sugar, etc.

Munch has often focused on ideas and recipes that help people be a little bit healthier. We have previously looked at the sugar content in breakfast foods, and considered ways to make over our breakfast regimes. Munch also recently discussed ways of reducing the white stuff in your family’s diet.

For those of you who would like to run through some of the sugar free recipes we have posted in the past, check these out:

Do you have any great sugar free recipes to share with us? Do you have diabetes?

Check out Diabetes New Zealand for more information on diabetes awareness week and this infographic  Life with Diabetes, which has been put together from the advice of diabetes bloggers around the globe.

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