What to feed my 7 month baby

So what to feed my 7 month baby?

Around 7 months your baby will be ready for stage two of weaning, when you introduce lumpier food. This might be sooner especially if you started solids before 6 months. There are a few signs that your baby is ready that you can look out for:

  • Has started happily moving food to the back of their mouth and making chewing movements.
  • Can sit up
  • Has started to bite (they may but not have teeth yet)
  • Is having more than one meal a day.

The puree you will give your baby now will be thicker, similar to cottage cheese, with small soft lumps. Rice, cous cous and small pasta such as orzo can be mixed directly into the puree as can small vegetables such as peas and sweetcorn. I have found from this stage on weaning becomes much simpler and faster. You no longer need to use a stick blender you can mash up the food everyone else is eating with a fork and meat can just be cut up with a knife to the desired size. If you are making large batches of food then you might want to use the blender but you could use a potato


masher instead. You could also start giving your baby finger foods. This will help them learn how to chew and it also helps develop hand eye co-ordination and their pincer grip.

If you haven’t thought about it already I would really recommend starting good safety habits around feeding your baby at this stage. As they start to eat ‘real’ foods and to move the risk of choking becomes very real as does falling/climbing out of their highchair. So to help avoid any disasters:

  • Always strap your baby into their highchair to avoid falls – Lottie given half a chance will stand up in her highchair!
  • Always make your baby sit down when they are eating. I know this can be very challenging with older babies and toddlers.
  • Never leave you baby unattended when they are eating.

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Munch Mum, Kate Day from Freddies Food.


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