Summer is a great time to get out into your garden and get sowing and growing. With the help of Landscape Architect Janet Luke’s Embrace Your Space you could be creating a an outside oasis this weekend.

If you live in a small urban environment and feel that you don’t have enough space to grow much, then this book could change your life. Embrace Your Space will change your pre-conceptions and provide you with some awesome ideas for creating a productive garden in even the smallest of outside spaces.

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Part one of Embrace Your Space examines the different types of “space” and how you might create a garden in these environments. Luke covers off patio, courtyard, balcony, rooftop and windowsill gardens. I was particularly interested in Luke’s ideas on creating a garden on a wall.

Whatever space you have, Janet, along with her trusty cordless drill, will walk you through how to create nifty projects and care for your small space garden. She has tips on how to make a gutter garden, how to grow things in an old wine bottle. I was impressed that all of her ideas seem easy to recreate and often utilise up-cycled materials.

For those with no outside space of their own Luke provides a run down on guerrilla gardening. Something I would love to see more of in our urban environments.

Part two offers more on how and what to grow in these small environments. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on growing fruits and berries in a small space garden. With information on what grows well where and the amount of sunlight required to grow particular plants made it a particularly useful chapter for anyone gardening in an urban environment.

A thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring book.

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