International Gourmand Cookbook awards Two days prior to Christmas we almost fell over when we found out that our cookbook won the Best Kids Cookbook at the very prestigious International Gourmand Cookbook awards. It was very humbling for our first self published cookbook.

When I found out I had to do quite a bit of research to find out what it actually meant. One half of my brain thought we were being spammed. But here is what I found out…

International Gourmand Cookbook awards

‘These awards attract entries from all the big publishing houses and celebrity chefs, food stylists and book designers. Each year Gourmand International hosts the Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards inviting entries, under a selection of different categories, from over 160 different countries from around the world. This makes these awards one of the biggest, if not the biggest, internationally recognised competition of its kind.’ ‘Top New Zealand chefs such as Annabel Langbein have featured in some of the categories’. ‘The International Gourmand Cookbook awards are extremely prestigious.’

So what now that we have won this International Gourmand Cookbook awards ? We get to receive a little winner sticker that we can pop on all our books. So cannot wait to receive those (although we had to pay for them, argh, but I suppose it covers some of their costs!). We also have the opportunity to attend the International Cookbook Fair in Beijing whereby the overall winners will be announced and I am told big cookbook deals are offered. It is unlikely we will be able to attend as it is a big ask on the family and my little one is still on the breast! I would have jumped at it prior to kids but my mantra is always family first. BUT still have not ruled it out and working on softening the hubby!! (I also need to find out more info about it.) So as I am writing this, I suppose this means I have not completely ruled out the opportunity to go to Beijing!

So there you have it, a little ole legal begal turned mini foodie wins an international prize for their first self published cookbook. Between you and me I am pretty pleased.
















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